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«V6 is a must-have in your toolbox!»

by Scott Yahney about RealRick 6

The best just keeps getting better! MusicLab guitars have always been the ones I reach for first. The most playable guitars on the planet. V6 is a must-have in your toolbox!
By Scott Yahney, producer, remixer, musician, New York.

«The RealRick really does sound like my friends old Rick!»

by Ian Atkinson about RealRick

Great sound - The RealRick really does sound like my friends old Rick! - the pickup and tone controls allow great flexibility to fit into a mix without too much post processing. The new chord additions particularly hammer ons are exceptionally good - particularly if you link some of the velocity options and humanise key switches - this is a great new feature.

«Versatility and the endless possibilities to customize your Guitars»

by Arkadius Sojka about RealRick

I like the versatility and the endless possibilities to customize your Guitars. Musiclab Guitars are my go-to plugins when I need a guitar sound. I am used to the GUI and know how to adjust sounds and effects (although I only use maybe 30 % of what is possible). Since I am not a live player but only a composer, I often use key switches and velocity to get the sound I need.

«The sounds are completely realistic»

by Flavio Castellani about RealRick

The sounds are completely realistic. Even feeding it through a simple cabinet plugin, sounds to my ears very convincing.

«Top-class sound. A must-have in the studio»

by Mistheria about RealRick

Top-class sound and winning tools make these instruments a must-have in the studio. The “Multi” mode allows to definitely play live with an amazing level of “likelihood”. The light weight makes them practically usable in any setup, both in plug-in and stand-alone versions. Generally, the high and meticulous level of customization of all parameters allows you to take care of every sound and performance detail.

MusicLab have turned their guitar modelling attentions to the legendary Rickenbacker.

«MusicLab RealRick»

by Nick Magnus, Sound On Sound magazine about RealRick
RealRick certainly conjures up the spirit of the '60s, the Beatles, the Byrds and American surf pop, not forgetting the myriad Britpop bands and other purveyors of jangly guitar-based music. As such it's a very welcome addition to the 'Real' family.

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Like the other virtual guitars from MusicLab, RealRick sounds great and inspires creativity. This is a very playable instrument that is also fun to play.

«MusicLab RealRick»

by Tommy Zai about RealRick
I simply love that sound, and now I have it! But I found RealRick to be much more than just an authentic, great sounding Rickenbacker 6 and 12-string sample library. RealRick also features MusicLab's Pattern Manager and Guitar Pattern Library that assist in creating backing rhythm tracks.

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RealRick by MusicLab is an extraordinary virtual guitar that is modeled after two of the most sought after instruments ever made. Some years back I sustained an injury, which has made playing “real” instruments nearly impossible. Yet, I continued to produce music by either hiring a guitarist of making due with sample library instruments. MusicLab eventually came to my rescue by developing RealGuitar for my acoustic needs and RealStrat for my blues, garage rock, funk, and surf needs. I really dig those two instruments, and they have become indispensable musical tools. Note:  RealLPC is on my list, but I’m not as much into classic rock and metal and the other genres associated with that fine guitar. What I really hoped for was just released and is now on my MacBook — a virtual 6 and 12-string Rick! I am a huge fan of the British Invasion sound as well as the later jangle guitar bands. My biggest influences are the Beatles, Joy Division, New Order, REM, The Smiths, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. One of the things they have in common is the unmistakable jangly bell-tone rhythm guitar. I simply love that sound, and now I have it! But I found RealRick to be much more than just an authentic, great sounding Rickenbacker 6 and 12-string sample library. RealRick also features MusicLab’s Pattern Manager and Guitar Pattern Library that assist in creating backing rhythm tracks. This is a very playable instrument that is also fun to play.


  • Ordering and downloading was straightforward. 
  • Surprisingly usable manual.
  • Installing, authorizing, and launching was a snap.
  • Interface is attractive.
  • I selected the "Chords" button, pressed and held a key, was instantly reminded of the early Beatles sound, and smiled.


  • User-friendly, inspiring interface.
  • Deep pattern library and excellent pattern browser.
  • Flexible switch system.
  • Extensive array of usable articulations (mutes, harmonics, bends, chopping, scrapes, etc.) — yields very realistic results.
  • Four chord positions with graphic fret-board note/chord display.
  • Sounds great and is recorded DRY as a bone! Thankfully, there are no baked in effects.
  • Convenient standalone version (and plugins of course).
  • Stereo and Mono just like the real thing.
  • Good price considering what this instrument is capable of doing.
  • Innovative developer, known for frequent updates.


  • What guitar is next?
  • Any chance MusicLab will release a bass collection?


This is a bittersweet day for me as an eMusican/producer. It’s sweet because I finally have the virtual guitar I always dreamt about. It’s bitter because I no longer have an excuse for not making music. Like the other offerings by MusicLab, RealRick sounds great and inspires creativity. It is addictive, which is much better than staring at my controller and waiting for lightning to strike. I highly recommend RealRick to any eMusician, producer, film and gamer scorer, DJ, sound designer, etc., who is looking for a virtual Rickenbacker 6 and 12-string guitar. If you dig the early to mid-60s sound and the later jangle stuff of the 80s and 90s, this should be on your wishlist. I have no regrets picking this up, and sincerely hope others will share my excitement over this new release. "We keep working to make your music production life even more fun than it is today!" Well, Tommy Zai is having more fun and gives RealRick two big thumbs up! Thank you MusicLab for adding this authentic, legendary guitar to your collection. 


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